Tips for wedding day getting ready photos

How to prepare and plan to get the best getting ready photos on your wedding morning!

A Guide to Perfect Getting Ready Photos


Getting ready photos for your wedding is such an important part of your big day! Having your hair and makeup done, sipping on a mimosa, playing a game with the guys, feeling the butterflies in your stomach, and spending time with your closest family members and friends will be so much fun! Inviting your photographer to document these special moments is a great way to enhance your wedding gallery. 

Pre-wedding photos can include not just photos of hair and makeup being completed, but so much more! These typically include the wedding parties hanging out, and details like the invitation suite, bouquets, rings, jewelry, and shoes. I also love to capture your final getting-ready moments like stepping into your dress, putting on your jewelry, getting help putting on your suit jacket, or photos with your wedding party. By prioritizing natural light, organization, and calmness, I will guarantee you get stunning photos that capture the essence of this special time.

Here are my best tips for amazing getting ready photos as an experienced Boston wedding photographer!

Tips for perfect getting ready photos on your wedding day

Tip #1 Select a Location for Getting Ready Photos

If you plan to have getting ready photos taken it is very important to consider the location where you will get ready. I recommend choosing a space with plenty of natural light and neutral walls.  Instead of opting for a traditional hotel room, consider using a home or Airbnb rental.

Some wedding venues have beautiful getting-ready spaces for you while others don’t offer this at all. It is important to ask your wedding venue about this early in the wedding planning stage instead of leaving it until the last minute. That way you can make sure you have a plan in place. If you and your partner plan on getting ready separately, consider how many people will be with each of you and the time you need to get everyone ready. 

If you do plan to get ready in a hotel, I recommend borrowing a room from a member of your wedding party for group shots. That room will be clean and free of clutter so we can just walk in and start photographing without needing to worry about cleaning up. 

Where you spend this part of your day will have a big impact on how your morning feels. Choosing a location with plenty of space and big windows will make all the difference not just for your photos, but to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Tips for perfect getting ready photos on your wedding day
Tips for perfect getting ready photos on your wedding day

Tip #2 – Keep the Room Clean

Consistent with the earlier advice about location, it’s crucial to maintain a tidy, clutter-free space. Having ample room in a large room or home where you’re getting ready allows your wedding party to store their bags, water bottles, phone chargers, and essentials without overcrowding. If possible, opt for a spacious house or suite. This allows you to designate one room for photographs and another for all the necessary items. This ensures the dedicated photo room stays pristine, guaranteeing beautiful photos.

Tips for perfect getting ready photos on your wedding day

Tip #3 Prep for Getting Ready Photos

To have an enjoyable and relaxing wedding morning, you will need to spend time preparing everything beforehand. Creating a master list of everything you need and packing all your details well in advance for you and your partner.

If you want your photographer to take flat lays photos I recommend putting all of these things aside in a keepsake box. You can ask your florist to leave some extra stems. This may be an additional cost, but it’s a great addition to elevate the flat lay and incorporate another detail from the wedding color scheme. Also, set aside an invitation suite that is just for photographs with no addresses or names. Lastly, be sure to set aside all three of your rings in one location along with any other special or meaningful details. 

I will coordinate my arrival time on the morning of your wedding. Usually, this is when the bride is about to finish her hair and makeup. This will ensure there is ample time to capture those final touches and your flat lays before the wedding day begins!

Groom flat lay detail photography

Tip #4 Create a Calm Atmosphere

With so many people and items involved, getting ready can quickly become chaotic. This is especially true with large wedding parties and families! When you add a team of vendors like hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, planners, and videographers, it can be a lot for one room. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with family or friends during this time to ensure you stay cool, calm, and collected. 

Consider booking an extra room or utilizing a friend or family member’s space as a designated clean area. This ensures a peaceful environment for both photos and personal moments.Set the tone for the morning by creating a fun playlist (here is a favorite of mine!), give yourself plenty of time to eat, and have fun with your friends! It’s ok to take a moment alone and take it all in, just be sure to budget plenty of extra time!

Flat lay detail photography for Boston wedding

Tip #5 Add a Second Photographer to Your Package

Adding in a second photographer for your day is hugely beneficial, not only for getting ready photos but the entire day! We will work together to divide and conquer! I will be with the bride and the second photographer will be with the groom. It’s a great addition to overall coverage for the day and an alternative perspective. This also ensures the groom and his friends have plenty of time for portraits as well as final touches. If you and your partner are getting ready at different locations, I highly recommend adding a second photographer.

Tip #6 Embrace the Anticipation 

Some of my favorite moments on a wedding day happen before the ceremony! Preparing for your wedding day will be filled with anticipation, some nerves, and excitement for the day ahead. Enjoy your time being pampered and feel all the emotions! Capturing these candid feelings with your favorite people is truly the best.

Let’s make every moment of your wedding day count. Use these tips to prepare for your wedding morning to get incredible getting-ready photos you will cherish for years to come!

Are you getting married in the Boston area? I would love to photograph your day & capture your memories! Learn more about my services and inquire today!

Anna & Keith’s Wedding: 

Photography: Kerri McWade Photography

Venue:  Owl’s Nest Resort

Florals: Mellow Botanical

Hair + Makeup: JW Artistry 

Dress: Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique 

Suit: The Black Tux 

Video: Alex Nguyen Films 

Kelsey & Benjamin’s Wedding: 

Photography: Kerri McWade Photography

Venue: Wychmere Beach Club

Event Planning: Cape Cod Celebrations

Florals: Designers Touch Florals

Hair: House of Ivy

Makeup: Deven Paige

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